Online Therapy Services

It’s a therapeutic interaction, a relationship, two or more people talking intentionally. It’s really as simple as it’s always been…

Dr. Kate Anthony

Online Therapy

What is Online Therapy?

You might have heard of Online Therapy before – also called Skype-Therapy, E-counselling or Distance Therapy.

It is therapy services offered online via your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Instead of sitting in the same room, we talk face-to-face using a video-calling application called Zoom.

Using new technology may seem uncomfortable or daunting. That’s understandable – but don’t worry, if you head here you can find simple instructions on how to download Zoom.

Why do I use Zoom?

It is extremely important that I bring to you a confidential service using a secure platform. For that reason, Zoom is the preferred platform for providing therapy services to you.

Zoom is a completely secure, end-to-end encrypted, connection. This means, all conversations and information shared in our sessions are privacy-protected – unlike other major platforms, like Skype.

It’s important that you have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection and a comfortable private space.
TIP: When looking for an online therapist to work with check:
  • They are using a platform that fully protects your privacy (many online therapists do not follow this guideline, so it’s good to stay aware).
  • They have taken extra training in online therapy and are qualified in offering this to you.

Why people prefer therapy online instead of in-person

Feels more comfortable

Online therapy means you can talk to me from the comfort of your home in a safe, familiar and private environment.

Allows for self-care

Sometimes therapy can bring up different thoughts and feeling at times. 

Having a bath, listening to music or enjoying some quiet time, can be helpful in processing some of the emotions that could come up during a session.

Online therapy gives you flexibility to care for your needs, before and after a therapy session.

Easier to focus

Some people I work with, find online therapy sessions to be more intimate and valuable than in-person therapy.

It can help improve focus when talking about difficult subjects without feeling self-conscious.

Familiar environment

Coming to a therapy centre or clinic can be intimidating for some people.

Having access to help and support in an environment of your choice can make a huge difference in your decision to have therapy.

Therapy comes to you

If you have mobility issues, travelling to a clinic for a therapy appointment might be difficult.

Or you might be going through a particularly bad patch and can’t face the idea of leaving your home.

Online therapy means I can bring this service to you, wherever you are.

Flexible and convenient

Many people lead exceptionally busy lives whether it be work, children or family commitments.

Perhaps you don’t live or work near a therapist who specialises in the therapy you need.

By providing my services online, therapy becomes more accessible you can fit it around your life at a time that suits you.

Remote couple and family therapy

Sometimes, it’s not possible for couples or family members to be available in the same location.

Online therapy makes it easier for you to participate in a session with your partner or family even if you are in different locations.

Each person can login and connect to the session separately, while still having the session together.

Please note: Online I am only able to work with adults over the age of 18 years old*. Online therapy is not for everyone in our first session we can assess if this is the best way of us working together.

* Online clients accepted worldwide except those who are citizens of North America.

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