Working with the right therapist makes all the difference when it comes to getting what you want out of therapy sessions.

But with many different types of therapy and practitioners out there, it can be hard to understand who’s the right match.

At The Room Between, we specialise in relationship and trauma therapy. Trained across a wide range of disciplines with a warm, personable approach, we like to do things differently.

Here’s more about how and why we’re different to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you.

An approach as unique as you

Therapy’s often broken up into different disciplines. People are referred to an EMDR or CBT practitioner, or a specialist in Emotionally-Focused Therapy or Cognitive Analytic Therapy.

At The Room Between, we’re Clinical Psychologists. That means we’re not just trained in one specific discipline, we’ve studied and frequently work across a whole range of techniques.

Being able to draw on many different approaches means we can tailor our approach based on what you want and need, adapting as those needs and your circumstances change with time.

Valuing the context

We believe that life is all about relationships — not just with romantic partners, but with friends, family, colleagues, and with ourselves too.

The quality of those relationships and the way we’re able to show up in them impacts how fulfilled and happy we feel. Struggles we’re experiencing don’t happen in isolation; they’re impacted by what’s going on around us and the relationships we have.

Rather than reducing your experience to symptoms, we work with clients to think about the context surrounding your current experiences and the role that relationships play.

This may mean looking at how expectations and experiences from past relationships are impacting us today, right the way through to thinking about how we’d like our relationships to be in the future.

This relationship-first approach is as relevant and important whether you have a current romantic partner or not, and we work with individuals, couples and families.

Driven by you, not a diagnosis

We’re not big on labels here at The Room Between. Our sessions aren’t about questionnaires and reaching a diagnosis. You’re the expert on you: you know what you’re experiencing and feeling better than any questionnaire or diagnosis can define.

Instead, our therapy sessions are about exploration. What we explore and the extent to which we explore it is defined by you.

For example, with trauma therapy, some therapists believe it’s important to revisit a traumatic experience. Whilst some people find that helpful, we know that for others it can perpetuate that feeling of powerlessness and that focusing instead on improving current relationships feels like enough.

Our priority is creating a safe environment where you’re able to explore the things that matter to you and get what you want out of therapy in a supportive way.

Inclusive and shame free

There’s no such thing as normal, particularly when it comes to sex and relationships.

We don’t approach therapy assuming you’re straight and looking for long-term monogamy; there are as many different relationships and sexual preferences as there are people.

From ethical non-monogamy to BDSM, we help clients explore the many different ways that relationships work and the things that give us pleasure.

Our approach is judgement free, shame free, and sex positive. It’s not about change or conformity. We work to help people explore, own, and celebrate what they like.

Conversational not clinical

One of the best pieces of feedback we had from a client was that a session with Jane was like talking to a friend.

We pride ourselves on creating a warm, personable therapy experience. Our sessions aren’t full of academic jargon with a cold, clinical feel. We’re approachable and easy to talk to — whatever it is we’re talking about at that moment.

Taking the first step

Choosing a therapist is hard. The Room Between is all about creating a therapy experience that’s unique to you, driven by what you want to get out of it, and that prioritises a feeling of comfort, safety, and acceptance.

You’ll find more detail on who we arewhat we can help with and our style of therapy on the website, or book in for a 10-minute initial call to find out more about who we are and how we can help you.