It’s about what happens between us


Warm, conversational therapy that explores how your past experiences, relationships and trauma affect how you’re feeling today.  


Life is all about relationships and connections – with ourselves, family, friends, romantic partners, and colleagues. 

The Room Between is about identifying the patterns of the past, understanding their impact on the present, and thinking consciously about what we want future relationships to look like. 


We’re a team of Clinical Psychologists, but not the buttoned-up, clipboard-wielding type. There’s no jargon or judgement, just friendly conversations via Zoom centred on your relationship with yourself and those around you. 

Why relationships matter

Relationships can be our greatest source of pleasure and growth, teaching us to love, nurture, and understand ourselves and the people around us.

But they can also be a source of pain, affecting our self worth, independence, and ability to trust others.

Past experiences — positive and negative — create a template for what we expect and how we act in our current relationships.

We help you identify the templates and coping strategies your personal experiences have created, exploring their continued impact and usefulness.




Man lying on his back thinking

What is trauma?


Trauma is something we all experience, even if we may not give it that name.

It’s an experience of feeling helpless, out of control, and beyond our capacity to cope. It’s deeply personal and means different things to different people.

Sometimes we’re very aware of it, and sometimes we may not even realised that we’re still affected by feelings and experiences we’ve buried away.

Trauma can leave us feeling on edge, waiting for the next bad thing to happen. We develop coping mechanisms that are essential to getting through those difficult times but that might not still be helpful once that time has passed.

Therapy is a way to make sense of that trauma and develop new ways of coping and relating. 



What’s our approach?

We believe it’s not about symptoms, it’s about people and their experiences.  Rather than questionnaires and diagnoses, our sessions provide a secure base from which people can explore themselves and their experiences.  We broadly follow a trauma therapy process, adapting our approach to each person, their preferences and their circumstances.  We’re all about relationships, including the one between you and us, and you can expect a warm, conversational approach.